Test Post December 2020

By martoons | December 17, 2020

Home Resources Start Here About How to Make YOUTUBE Tutorials LIKE A BOSS (All you need in 12 Minutes) by Martin Hurley     |     Lifestyle      |     Short read You have to connect with people on Facebook EVERY single day if you’re starting out and you don’t have a huge budget to…

Example Blog Post

By martoons | August 5, 2020

Blog Resources Start Here About Meta Keywords: What Are They and Should You Use Them? (h1) By Martin Hurley Share This Small introduction to your article or post in (H2) Technology customer seed money analytics success business-to-consumer pivot prototype alpha accelerator. Business model canvas gamification hackathon. Business-to-business venture churn rate metrics user experience business model…

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How To Start A Photography Blog Using WordPress And Bluehost

By martoons | December 21, 2019

How to start a photography blog using WordPress with Bluehost… step by step guide…

How to Get Free Photo Website Templates (Ready To Use!)

By martoons | July 20, 2019

Download your free photo website templates here and create a photography website using beautiful opt in photo templates to entice your customers…

Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Video – A Go Bag Only?

By martoons | February 9, 2019

The Osprey Porter 46L is weird. Although it might just be me. 🙂 I took the Osprey Porter 46L to Japan and a few local Australia trips and I can say this. She works OK if you don’t load her with too much STUFF. (Like in the video). I’ll see if I can dig up…

Jaimen Hudson Interview, Insights and Cool Aerial Imagery!

By martoons | January 2, 2019

Take a few minutes to read this quick Jaimen Hudson interview and soak up his perspective and beautiful aerial photography! Enjoy the conversation… 1) With technology and gadgets becoming better, lighter and easier to travel with (ie iPhones, iPads, Mavic Pro drones etc) what equipment do you now travel with? Drone technology is moving incredibly…

Digital Influencers Australia: Lauren Bath Interview

By martoons | July 11, 2018

Looking at Digital influencers Australia today – in this case Australia’s “first professional Instagrammer” Lauren Bath. Check out her amazing website and read her thoughts on Olympus cameras, work-life balance and more… Image by Australia’s first professional Instagrammer Lauren Bath 1) With technology becoming lighter & more innovative (iPhones, iPads, Mavic Pro drones etc) what…

Brian Matiash Photographer Interview & Insights

By martoons | June 29, 2018

Brian Matiash photographer interview & insights. Brian Matiash on new tech, Mavic Pro drones, Zeiss lens, Sony a7Rs, shooting for Stocksy and travel hacks…

How To Earn Money From Photography & Feel Great About It

By martoons | April 23, 2018

Want to earn money from photography & and feel great about it? In this post I talk about how you can earn from your photography and reveal my earnings from Merch photo t-shirts, photo royalties, photo books, stock photos and a few other crazy things I do…

Interviews with Photographers – Gary Arndt

By martoons | February 17, 2018

Interviews with Photographers – Gary Arndt on Photo Gear & Tech for 2018 – what new photo tech gear is a must-have? What goes in the travel bag..?