10 Of The Greatest Life Tools in The Whole Wild World

10 Of The Greatest Life Tools in The Whole Wild World

Yes I know I should say “wide world” but it’s a wild world sometimes too.


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  • #1  Transcendental Meditation – www.TM.org
  • #2  Books – see below for a list of my essential ‘must-reads.’
  • #3  Cameras – I like my NEX7 and the Sony Alpha SLT-A99V (Full-Frame 24.3MP). However here’s a great compact that’s virtually indestructible (16MP, waterproof, cold resistant to 14 degrees, dustproof, GPS, compass, pressure/altitude/water depth gauges and wireless recharge).
  • #4  Apple iMac or go super-light-weight with the Apple MacBook Air
  • #5  Places to recoup, purify, get some much needed R&R: Ping Nakara boutique hotel and spa (see pic below) and Tao Garden health spa and resort (both located in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand).
  • #6  Bob Proctor – www.ProctorGallagherInstitute.com (I am a BP Alumni student). Dan from TropicalMBA isn’t far behind either. He’ll show you how to set up your own location independent business.
  • #7  Languages
  • #8  Travel
  • #9  Affordable modern prefab homes – www.FabPreFab.com – pods, tree-houses, liveable shipping containers, amazing design & architecture.
  • #10  ……………..



ping nakara boutique hotel spa

That’s all for now. I know I said 10, but you’re not getting 10 yet.
More to come (I’ll touch on this post again soon, I promise).

How to use these tools?

I find 1 (T.M) & 6 (Bob Proctor) keep me relaxed, focused and productive (purposeful), while 5 (R&R health resort) ‘tunes up’ my system, leaving me in a balanced ‘highly creative’ zone ready to play with 3 (my gear) & 4 (Apple tools), focus on 7 (learning languages) or slip away to 8 (travel).


Here’s my essential ‘must-reads’

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