8 of My Fav Thailand iPhone Photos Snaffled from Instagram

Here’s a few of my favourite Thailand iPhone photos I stole borrowed from my Instagram account. Been shooting like crazy with my iPhone 6 and still can’t work out how to upload all the snaps to my MacBook Pro. Puzzled. Why is simple so hard?

So instead I snaffled the links from Instagram & pasted into this blog post. Voila!

Instant Instagram inspired Thailand iPhone Photos!

That was much easier! Anyway please leave a comment and let me know what you think about these snaps. Another book with just Thailand iPhone photos is in the pipeline. Where shall I mail your copy?

thailand iPhone photos from instagramThe running man escapes (Bangkok, Thailand)

1. Above – had to act QUICK the guy was literally jumping down those stairs. Don’t take any prisoners. Shoot first and ask questions later.

Added an Instagram filter to push the pic a little.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramModified Combi sunk deep (Mae Sai, Thailand)

2. Couldn’t help but to capture the modified VW sinking deep in a land of last year’s mud. Kind of turned out OK. Good one for the record anyway.

If you ever get the chance to go to Mae Sai (the furtherest northernmost point of Thailand) you will find it a strange and somewhat beautiful place. Especially nice if you bring a mountain bike. Just saying.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramRandom Pipe Study (Fang, Thailand)

3. Just a study (couldn’t get it right for some reason). But liked those pipes so much I had to snap it.

People ask me what I do in Thailand and I say I take photos of service stations and funny looking coiled pipes. No one believes me.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramWaa Pru? (Bangkok, Thailand)

4. You never know WHAT people like. This was as random as it gets. I was in a part of Bangkok and everyone that walked past looked beautiful. I better reduce my caffeine intake.

It was a creative area (nearby university) with many students out snapping. See SlumberLumberLand below.


Snap First. Apologise Later

(If you have to).

thailand iPhone photos from instagramSlumberlumberland, Bangkok.

5. One of my favourite images. You got to be a secret agent when you snap.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramHot day Chinese yum cha

6. Nice colours. Nice style. Nice everything.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramSelfie Paradise, Thailand

7. I like this so much I called it selfie paradise. Everyone wants to capture what they’re doing in the world. And share it.

I want to capture you capturing yourself. Because it says so much about the world we live in. Confused yet? Me too.


thailand iPhone photos from instagramStuff to do (Phuket, Thailand)

8. People hanging near beach in Phuket. Some people think travelling and photographing is the ultimate vocation.

But dudes like me are up at dawn prepping to go out and shoot (before the hot part of the day hits). I wake at 5am.

Got to get my meditation in and that takes 50 minutes. After that I am good to go. You?


I know I said 8 but I lied.

Here’s another image I like too much.

thailand iPhone photos from instagramThe conversation (Thailand)

Make sure YOU get on Instagram and say HI.

And I need your mailing address for the PHOTO book too!

Hope you liked these Thailand iPhone photos. Instagram is a cool little tool. See you @ the cafe (it needs to have WIFI!)


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