Random Aerial Photos of Homes Cars & Buildings (Mavic Pro)

Random aerial photos of homes, cars & buildings…

Ever found yourself at a tech and gadget expo, eyes popping  over gadgets, electric skateboards that do anything, retro electric motorcycles, cute Chinese robots translating Chinese to English?

You walk into a busy drone stall… emotionally charged… and of course that hugely discounted DJI Mavic Pro Combo Pack does seem the right adventurous photographic move…

All those aerial photos you’ve always wanted to take… capturing images from the air… symmetry… dynamics… space… light. Going DEEP into spaces a normal camera could never go…

So the girl at the drone expo stall sets aside a gorgeous Mavic Pro Combo all boxed up (with its extra batteries and gear)… you take the dollar hit and happily carry it out and back home.

Later on (no buyers remorse here) you celebrate your Mavic Pro purchase because the little thing is so convenient… folds right up… compact… perfect for lightweight overseas travel.

And then there’s the super high quality images (see below) and rockin’ 4K video… you’ve got it all charged up at home… you’ve figured out how all the parts fit together and got your little DJI app for the iPhone… all you need to do now is take it for its first fly.

You’re a drone pilot now !

Of course you still need to learn the ropes…

And by the way there’s some funky descriptions for drones (French name) too:

UAV is the acronym of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

UAS for small Unmanned Aircraft System. (US and UK)

RPAS for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (International and other National Aviation Agencies)

And of course Quadcopters too.

So hope you enjoy my…

Totally Random Aerial Photos of Homes

aerial photos of homes - mavic proNice aerial shot with from my Mavic Pro in small town Victoria, Australia

After you learn to become a drone pilot (takes a while to get the hang of it ) it’ll be like you want to go and fly it everyday… seriously addictive…

aerial photos of homes - mavic proSame house as above but closer in (look closely and you might see me)

And yes there’s lots of regulations (can’t fly over people or higher than 120 metres etc) but you just need to think everything (check list?) through before you fly… like you’d do as a helicopter pilot, right?

aerial photos of homes - mavic proSame house, closer still, changed angles

Also you’ll probably find yourself  looking UP a lot more… looking for spatial arrangements probably… whatever that is, I’m sure you know…

aerial photos of homes - mavic proSoccer field with random cars and buildings (that’s me by the goal post)

One thing you might consider is to run with a tablet or an iPad because it’s quite difficult to see clearly what you’re photographing on the iPhone’s little screen… especially outside… with the sun glaring down at you.

aerial photos of homes - mavic proSomewhat symmetrical garden layout, Castlemaine, Victoria

Civil aviation laws here say you need to fly with VLOS (visual line of sight) which basically means keeping your eyes on your little quadcopter thing at all times… so you might find using a spotter can be helpful. It’s rather tricky to take photos and videos while you’re flying a drone 300 metres away.

aerial photos of homes - mavic proAs above, close up. Trying to position the Mavic Pro to pick up the best angle

So now you know what you can do with some creative imagination and the DJI Mavic Pro… enjoy the random aerial photos of homes and cars (and occasional buildings) from here in Australia… 

aerial photos of homes - mavic proRandom aerial photo of lake and trees – playing with the Mavic Pro

If you don’t hear from me it’s because I’m out there chasing aerial symmetry and random arrangements from space…

aerial photos of homes - mavic proRandom Hurley dude snap from Mavic Pro

Drone photography will open up a whole new world of aerial stock photography too… it’s so cool to know this technology exists right now and we as photogs can get in on this…

Hope you enjoyed my rather random aerial photos of homes, cars and buildings captured from altitude on my Mavic Pro. Leave a comment or share this with your friends and I’ll see you soon!