Australia to USA in 6 Crazy Minutes (Video)

Australia to USA in 6 Crazy Minutes

Recently I travelled from here in Australia to USA (via China). Crazy trip. Also walked into Mexico (Tijuana) and nearly didn’t get back out again. Often the weirdest things happen when you are least expecting them to happen.

I was often busy solving travel situations (like how am I going to get back into USA when there are hundreds of people lined up single file waiting) that I didn’t hit the record button on my camera.

Walking into Tijuana wasn’t in my ‘plan book’ though. It was more a try it and see thing. Nice burritos and tortillas in that neck of the woods. And Spanish is a gorgeous language.

Did get some crazy San Francisco footage though. (See that in the 6 minute video below). And Instagram. Of course.

Compressed it into 6 minutes with a lot of air travel. Let me know how much you like it:

Here’s one of my Instagram images (San Francisco):

Near Golden Gate (study)

A photo posted by Martin Hurley (@martinhurley) on Oct 29, 2015 at 8:24pm PDT

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