The Dean West Wild West – A Mix of Sadness and Beauty

Crowd-sourced photography competition unearths poignant images of struggle, sadness and beauty.

See the gallery of these great shots here @ CNN

Dean West - Eyetime photographic competition 2013


EyeTime 2013 photography competition invited students, young professionals, and enthusiasts to submit up to three digital images, with the mission to give a voice to a new generation of talent. It was supported by the International Center of Photography, the Art Directors Club and hosted by The Morpholio Project. One of the aims of the competition was to investigate how the proliferation of device culture, social networking, and cloud technology is changing the way individuals create, connect and share their content.

Shown above is the Emerging Talent Jury Winner Dean West’s photo In Pieces. Using mostly frontal style imagery of the North American landscape, it references the American Picture Postcard.

Looks like a (beautiful) painting to me.

I like it. What do you think?