How to Get Free Photo Website Templates (Ready To Use!)

Ready for your free photo website templates? I hope you’re as excited about this as me! With these templates all the hard lifting has been DONE for you! Keep reading to start things in motion…

And not only done for you but look pretty groovy too. Perfect if you’ve ever been curious about how to make a photography website!

Having said that… keep in mind that these templates are designed very differently to the “average” photography website out there!

These templates are designed to get your customers to OPT IN to your email list, newsletter… I know, crazy idea, right?!

That way you can start to BUILD your TRIBE and contact your raving FANS about all the incredibly fabulous things you do!

Who doesn’t want that? 🙂

Get started by grabbing your free photo website templates here:

Click here to get your photo website templates 🙂

If you ain’t got time for dat (as in, opt in) to my newsletter (I only send out great stuff BTW!) then the link below is the no-subscribe-needed link!

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There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

— John F Kennedy

How Entrepreneurial Are You?

So, while we’re here, let me ask you a question. What, do you think, are some of the biggest challenges entrepreneurial photographers face?

Hmmm. So everyone and their dog has a camera phone. Then there’s marketing, SEO (getting found in Daddy Google), being visible, developing communication skills…

Not to mention staying motivated (and competitive, if that’s your thing) 🙂

And of course, good old website design!

Because you still want to “look good” out there, right? Even I struggle to get the right look and feel of this here website. Kid you not.

This is where things gets interesting.

I mean you can have a great looking website and a flashy photography portfolio and you can still end up hearing the sound of crickets every day.

And if we want to “be everywhere” that means Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and all over the Youtubes too.

But doing ALL that is freakin’ hard core marketing for any entrepreneur!

Get Your Head Right

If you’re going to hammer away at brand building then you need a team and be prepared to spend a gazillion hours finding outsourcers too…

Alternatively (you can still use social media), it makes total sense to actually work on building your tribe, or list of passionate customers.

That’s why I created these photo website templates… the thinking was maybe I could build something that makes creating a photography website EASIER!

They are what I call funnels, because they funnel, or GUIDE your customer step by step through your sales process…

So you can follow up with your visitors long after they leave your website!

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.

— J. P. Morgan

That way your customers get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

After that, they’ll (hopefully) never stop buying from you!

A bit like someone walking through your office door. You say hi, exchange names, few minutes later you have a fair idea what they want and HOW you can HELP them!

This is how these funnels work. Like I said, I created these free photo website templates to ENTICE your ideal customers to OPT IN to your email list!

Why Use a Lead Funnel?

Most of us want to create a brand for our photography business and I’m sure it’s not entirely about that cool recognition thing you get as a photographer either. 🙂

But why would you use a lead funnel?

Well, when you’re promoting a new offer (holiday special, 10% off studio portraits, mini-sessions, volume shoots, large custom prints on timber, etc) you’ll have something to capture their attention so you can sell to them later…

Plus you’re building a cool relationship with your tribe…

You can contact your list (you own it!) anytime especially if you want to launch a new product or service…


Being a pro photographer is 90% entrepreneurship and 10% photography.

— Cool Dude!


I could be wrong but for creative folks, not having a website today pretty much means next to no business. (Tried to run a business just using Instagram yet?)

And with a website – there’s that sweet confidence boost you get sharing your favourite images on the internets…

Not to mention easier for potential clients to view your creative imagery. 🙂

Free Photo Website Templates?

Anyways I guess you’re hungry to get your photo website templates so let me quickly explain how they work.

Overlooking the obvious eye candy (see image below!) how do they look to you? Would they fit your needs? (You need to tap into your beautiful imagination here!)

I designed these photo website templates with FLEXIBILITY so you can ADAPT them to fit your niche or speciality… starting with these themes:

1. Event photography (weddings, parties, concerts etc);

2. Travel photography related (landscape photography, food, etc);

3. Portrait studio photography (could be real estate, aerial photography) etc;

4. Plus a Thank You page. 🙂

These templates are totally adaptable (to your thing) and easily editable!

Into AERIAL photography? (Hey me too!) Thrive on stock photography? Love capturing food, fashion or fine art? Produce gorgeous real estate images?

At the touch of a button, you can easily ADD your unique spin, images and content to these photography templates.

I’m also planning to have an Instagram funnel ready soon so stay tuned for that. (Check the weird ‘ol funnel I use on my Instagram profile).

free photo website templates
Free photo website templates (travel, portrait studio photographers & more)

Just Add Your Own Images!

Like we said, these free photo website templates are basically done – you need to add your own content, but full transparency – you will need a ClickFunnels account.

The excellent news is you can get a 2 week free trial with ClickFunnels which should IS plenty of time to get your photography website up and running.

By the way, there is a way to increase your free trial for an additional two weeks too. (Let me know if you want that!)

Sometimes imagination pounces; mostly it sleeps soundly in the corner, purring.

— Terri Guillemets

Click here to get your free photo website templates!

Stay funky. 🙂




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