Jaimen Hudson Interview, Insights and Cool Aerial Imagery!

Take a few minutes to read this quick Jaimen Hudson interview and soak up his perspective and beautiful aerial photography!

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1) With technology and gadgets becoming better, lighter and easier to travel with (ie iPhones, iPads, Mavic Pro drones etc) what equipment do you now travel with?

Drone technology is moving incredibly fast. I started droning in 2014 with a Phantom 2 coupled to a GoPro. Now with products like to Mavic Pro and Air you have a 4K capability in literally the palm of your hand.

jaimen hudson interviewThis is a brief Jaimen Hudson interview – his Instagram has way more cool aerial images!

I shoot a lot of still images and don’t find the image quality to be sufficient in those products though so either travel with my Phantom or last year through Europe I took my Inspire 2.

As I am a quadriplegic though I wouldn’t travel with the Inspire 2 again though as I had to rely on my poor family to lug it everywhere which was a big burden on them.

For the next trip I will stick with the Phantom and iPad/iPhone combo.

If a Mavic 2 is released with larger sensor I’ll be straight onto that though.

2) What tools or marketplace do you use for your travel images? (blog / stock photo sites etc)

Currently just social media, website and I have tried a couple of Vlogs which I really enjoyed and would like to do more of.

jaimen hudson interviewI resonate with his approach as I’m a huge DJI Mavic Pro fanboy too!

3) How do you go about planning your adventures / travel? (i.e. online tools / apps / research destination etc)

For me being in a wheelchair and travelling to different countries the planning has to be HUGE. I would love nothing more than to be spontaneous and book a flight at the drop of a hat and then just choose accommodation when I am there.

In reality it involves loads of time on the phone ringing hotels making sure they have roll in showers in their disabled access rooms.

My biggest tip to anybody needing to make a heap of overseas phone calls is Skype credit. It is incredibly cheap and has literally saved me hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in phone calls as often I have to ring 10 to 20 hotels in a city to find one with the correct facilities (this is obviously peak season when loads of places are booked out). The best tool everyone has at their finger tips is of course Google.

jaimen hudson interviewTrees look surreal from above – Jaimen Hudson Interview by Martin Hurley

4) How do you find the balance in life between your mission (your photography / creativity etc) and everything else?

It depends on where I am and what I am doing. If I am here in Esperance I usually take my drone just about everywhere I go. Overseas I try and respect that girlfriend and family have better things to do than take me droning 24/7 haha. Luckily though most places that I like to drone are vey picturesque for them to hang out so I take it most places I go.

5) If you could take your art / photography in any direction without fear of rejection or failure, where would it lead? What new thing/s would you try?

I can’t say as that I have held myself back from doing anything due to fear of failure. I just want to continue on with my photography, enjoying it and see where it takes me.

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