Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Video – A Go Bag Only?

The Osprey Porter 46L is weird.

Although it might just be me. 🙂

I took the Osprey Porter 46L to Japan and a few local Australia trips and I can say this. She works OK if you don’t load her with too much STUFF. (Like in the video).

I’ll see if I can dig up some more pics of me lugging this brick around.

Once you load this backpack with too much gear she bulges into a weird brick shape.

Surely not all backpacks do that?

I know some backpacks pack gear better for sure.

Sometimes if you just have a large empty space in your backpack you end up with stuff everywhere. Then you need some funky packing cubes.

I prefer a backpack that has specific places dedicated to specific gear.

Ie: a place for your Mavic Pro drone, digital camera, lens, waterproofs etc.

The thing is I simply overloaded my Osprey Porter. That was my bad. Then I had to lug around this brick on my back. And once it’s full, it’s full.

There’s an art to being honest with yourself about the travel gear you REALLY need…

So much of the gear in the video I didn’t need to bring, particularly overseas.

Sure you need to bring cables and stuff, but an iPad instead of a MacBook Pro is a no brainer, right?

I was initially enthusiastic when I first got the Osprey Porter because of its super strength and tough-as construction. But now I hardly use it.

Weird I know.

This Atlas Athlete pack is much better me thinks.

Expandable with a great harness system.

Specifically for photographers.

That’s what I’d use instead of the Osprey Porter 46L anyways.

Just my humble opinion.

Never mind that I come across as super enthusiastic about the Osprey in the video.

Go the Atlas if you’re doing adventure photography.

Use the Osprey Porter 46L if you just need a ‘throw everything in’ go bag.

Stay funky.