Shinkansen Osaka to Kagoshima Japan OMG

By martoons | February 16, 2018

Shinkansen Osaka to Kagoshima Japan crazy fun and fast! Experience the phenomenal shinkansen, surreal Kagoshima and why you need to get a ticket on this Japanese bullet train right away, especially if you like taking iPhone travel photos…

Flying a Mavic Pro for the First Time (Beautiful Footage!)

By martoons | December 20, 2017

Flying a Mavic Pro for the first time – much better than I ever dreamed of! Have a close look at the superb quality of the Mavic Pro video resolution… I put together a few little clips of my first flights in the video below. Will take a while for me to become good at…

Random Aerial Photos of Homes Cars & Buildings (Mavic Pro)

By martoons | December 11, 2017

Random aerial photos of homes and cars (using the DJI Mavic Pro). Here’s what you get when you mix beautiful Australian homes and landscapes with a Mavic Pro, the right conditions, and a lot of patience…

Ladderland Thailand – Straight Out of Instagram

By martoons | June 23, 2017

A black and white filtered test photo snapped on my iPhone 6 from Southern Thailand, uploaded to Instagram. Then I used (yes they even have apps for outer space) to ‘direct’ my Instagram post to here on my blog. You do that be setting up an applet. It’s pretty simple but fascinating how easy it is to automate all this online stuff…

Why A Blurb Photo Book About Japan Almost Drove Me Crazy

By martoons | August 31, 2016

Why a Blurb photo book about Japan almost drove me crazy. Find out how I put my money and pride on the line and created an amazing photo book about recent Japan adventures (shot entirely on iPhone!)

How I Made a Cool Custom iPhone 6 Case Design Using Printful

By martoons | August 28, 2016

How I made a cool custom iPhone 6 case design using the Printful app and Shopify. In photos and descriptions, here’s how to do it yourself using Print On Demand products from Printful…

Photo Book Making Workshop (Download How To Guide PDF)

By martoons | August 18, 2016

Photo book making workshop (Download complete how to guide) PDF. Ran a series of photo book workshops at local libraries. Think I inspired a few people to go out and create their own photo books. (Or tear their hair out in frustration!) Here’s the whole Keynote in PDF form to download and start making your photo book today!

The Ultimate Gear List for Rebel Photographers (Asia Version)

By martoons | June 19, 2016

The ultimate gear list for photographers, creatives and explorers that love South East Asia and hunger for lightweight adventure travel. Here’s how to carry (a lot) less, pack the right gear and snap more cool photos…

7 Shopify Success Stories for 2015

By martoons | November 26, 2015

7 ingenious Shopify success stories from everyday people in different fields who have taken an idea to fruition and are now seeing the results…

Australia to USA in 6 Crazy Minutes (Video)

By martoons | November 16, 2015

Travelled from Australia to USA (via China). Crazy trip. Often the weirdest things happen when you are least expecting them to happen…