Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is a Great Book

Reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and man is that a great book or what.

show your work - austin kleon

Show Your Work is available here on Amazon

It’s inspired me to share more (Share like an artist) as well as a multitude of delightful things…

Points to note (according to Austin):

  • You don’t have to be a genius
  • Think process, not product (I like this)
  • Share something small every day (Twitter could be good for this)
  • Tell good stories
  • Teach what you know (beautiful)
  • Sell out, and
  • Stick around

Great book – great read.

Expect to see some major shifts occurring after you partake and dip into the inner pages of this one…

Let me know when you read it.

So many artists / photographers fall into the trap of ‘protecting’ their own work by watermarking their images, etc — or they are simply reluctant to share the creative magic of ‘how’ they create their work. What happens is we end up seeing a great ‘end’ product but completely miss the process of ‘how’ the product was created.

The whole process is just as interesting as what comes out at the end.

Be an amateur and be in love with the art.