How To Start A Photography Blog (Using WordPress And Bluehost)

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Keen to start a photography blog? Ready to get your photography out into the marketplace?

Creating a photography blog is perhaps the most ideal approach to express your photographic talents and abilities to the rest of the world!

Read on to find out the best way to begin a photography blog using our favourite tools, WordPress and Bluehost... :)

Full disclosure: when you purchase anything through my link I earn a small commission. This is at no extra cost for you. Just helps me out a little. :)

But first - why start a photography blog?

Why do you want to start a photography blog?

As you become more familiar with your camera and start taking more awesome photos, sharing them on your blog allows more people to value your craft as well as get motivation from it.

photography blog

Above image. This caption is 14PT.

You may even think that in the cutting edge universe of today - with a gazillion other blogs & influencers out there - that blogging may seem a bit old school.

But there is something uniquely cool about blogging (or web journaling) that have kept blogs as current and dynamic as ever.

Web journals are anything but difficult to set up, are instinctive, and let you totally control the output.

They are profoundly adaptable, and above all, Google positions your blog a lot quicker than your webpage, so you get more worldly eyes on your work! :)

The Simple Steps to Make A Photography Blog

Before we go into the specific steps, check off these points...


Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

- Bill Gates


Have a Clear Goal in Mind:

So if you're going to make a blog, have a reasonable objective at the top of your priority list with respect to why you are doing it.

For example: You can make a blog to sell your photographs or to purely impart your images to the world. The objective you decide to seek after with your blog will say a great deal by the way you continue with it.

If you just happen to be an expert picture taker, you should purchase a DOMAIN, so you look legitimate. You can get a free Bluehost domain here easily.

If you are just a 'recreational' picture taker, you can upload to photography sharing sites like Tumblr and be totally liberated from costs!

Add Some Content Right Away:

When you have made your blog, (scroll down for our step by step guide) ensure you put content into it immediately.

Even around 5 - 10 pictures is a start. This will stimulate some folks to follow you as they'll see content from the earliest starting point of the blog.

The Highlight of the Blog should be Photos

Remember that it is a photography blog, so it should (ideally) be about the photography. Try not to add too many other distracting elements!

Add Contact Information:

There is an "About area" on each blog and it may seem weird but a LOT of people read this section! Never leave it without any information.

Include your contact data in this area to let your customers get in touch with you - they may need your skills or purchase your images!

Post Photographs Regularly:

Many photographers, when beginning a photography blog, are so excited they include a great deal of photographs.

After a few weeks the eagerness evaporates and they neglect to continue adding photographs to their blog. Try to avoid this.

You want to keep your blog running effectively and keep your supporters intrigued, so that means keeping it updated (with fresh images) regularly!

Interact with People:

It is also imperative to interact with your followers to keep them engaged.

Reply to their queries and comments, say thank you when they genuinely share appreciation for your skills, etc.

Also, follow other bloggers who have similar interests as you have. This will help your blog grow.

Zero Tech Skills Needed

Interact with other photographers out there!

Since you now know the basics to starting a photography blog, let's talk about how you can you integrate it with Bluehost.

With Bluehost, you get a free domain for 12 months when you purchase hosting (and you'll need that anyway!) Isn't it amazing? Free it is! :)


Call out here is a call out for you.
Can be two lines.


Firstly, you don't need to be versed in coding or have an IT degree.

All you need to do is follow the directions below!

We'll go step by step so you can grab your free domain and set up hosting.

I’ve been a happy customer with Bluehost since the year dot. So I'm sure you'll be happy with them like me! :)

And one of the main reasons is because they have a GREAT help desk!


  • Bullet points one
  • Bullet points two
  • Bullet points 3

Bluehost Live Chat...

The thing is, no matter what web host you use, things just can go wrong with websites. (Usually when you don't want them to!)

You could wake up one day to find glaring blank page where your website was. These things are basically part of doing business online.

Why Bluehost?

Well like we said, you can get on live chat day or night and honestly - it's when YOU really need it that you fully appreciate it!

Bluehost has also been around for a long time - they’re easy to use, have good customer service and fast load times - which is good for you.

In addition, their live chat is really helpful. Website issues can be resolved real-time.

Grab Your Own Domain

They're also affordable. There are a gazillion web hosts out there that will do Wordpress hosting for like $20.00+ / month.

While the Bluehost packages start as little as $3.95/month (plus a free domain). :)

Nice, right?

Grab Your Own Domain

So let's talk about the important stuff - how to set you up with your own domain.

We'll be using Wordpress because it's one of the best (and easiest) tools to use (plus it's free). Something like 60-70% of websites out there use it.

Your domain name will be the HOME of your photography business and a place where your raving fans can discover you! :)


Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

-- William James


So let's get our photo website started...

Your Photo Blog 'Big Picture'

If anyone ever tells you that ALL the best domain names are taken, then I want you to avoid that person like the plague. :)

Because you can still get yourself a good photo business domain. You just need to be a little flexible about it!

Even better if you already have ideas about how your photo website should look.

So let's get your hosting and domain happening...

If you’re ready to do that now, then use this link (new tab) to go to Bluehost and then come back and follow the visual steps below. Hurry, don't miss your chance!

2 : Your Hosting Plan & Free Domain

To get your free domain you’ll need a hosting plan.

I use the Pro plan simply because I have a few websites out there.

Choose what best fits you.

If you have multiple websites planned then the ‘Choice Plus’ plan would fit. :)

A choice of Bluehost hosting plans

When you're looking at the hosting you might see things like "domain privacy" or "unlimited storage."

In a nutshell, domain privacy basically hides your personal contact information from everyone - and replaces it with Bluehost contact information instead.

As for "unlimited storage" - that means there's no limits to the amount of space you can have for your photo website...

So feel free to go crazy uploading those HD videos! :)

You may not need unlimited storage to start out - just saying.

If in doubt, go with the Basic plan.

The Best Bluehost Plan For You?

The best Bluehost plan is the one that best suits your photographic needs!

Do your due diligence on each plan and check carefully.

On a tight budget? Use the basic plan. You can easily upgrade later.

As you can see, the hosting plans are not that expensive. You can have your photo business happening for $3.95 a month! So affordable, yes! :)

3 : Create A Free Domain (Or Use Your Own)

Your photo based domain set up with Bluehost

If you already have a domain name that's been percolating in your head for months then add it to the create a new domain section.

You may need to 'play with words' to uncover your ideal domain name.

Otherwise if you own a domain already, add it to the use a domain you own section.

Now for your Bluehost account details...

4 : Set Up Bluehost Account Details

Set up your Bluehost account information...

This is the tech part and it's something we all have to go through. :)

Add your relevant details into the little boxes on that page.

5 : Select Your Hosting Plan

BTW it's a little cheaper the more years you get on your hosting plan.

You can check this by selecting the Account Plan section...

Select the right hosting package (1-3 years)

As for the Bluehost SEO Tools option - you can just use a free plugin called Yoast SEO for that. It's up to you.

Sitelock Security adds a little padlock to your website (in the top URL section) to show that your photo website is safe and secure. :)

Particularly good if you are planning to sell photo downloads and all.

Let's add our payment information... This is important, don't forget!

6 : Add Payment Information

Add payment details & click submit...

All good things cost something, right?

Put your card details in and select the little checkbox.

Hold your breath and hit the submit button...

Done? Great. Almost there.

7 : Select Account Password

The longer the password the better...

Long passwords are smart, in my opinion.

Type your domain name and password into the box.

Then click Create Account.

8 : Log In To Your Account

Log in to Bluehost...

Nice work kiddo!

Can you hear the sound of the Internets whirring?

Hit that Go To Log In button.

Now let's customise your photo website...

Customise Your Photography Blog

So now we are going to get your beautiful WordPress photo website set up and bring it to life...

You should be directed to this Log In page below.

Let's go...

9 : Log In To Your Account

Create an account password

Type in your domain name, and the password you just created.

For faster access you can also sign in with Googs.

Ok so let's name our new photo website and create a little tagline...

A tagline that best describes (sums up) your photography vision.

10 : Name Your Photo Website

Name your photo website and tagline

I'm sure you have a cool name in mind for your photo website.

The tagline kind of means what your website is about.

Like World & Humanitarian Photographer, for instance. (He claimed it first!)

Select yes so you can have a blog as well.

If you want an online store then select that too.

Hit that Continue button.

Now for a few other bits and bobs...

11 : About You (The Genius!)

I'll let you fill this part in as you know yourself best.

Let them know if you are comfortable with creating websites?

Not sure how that algorithm works to be honest. :)

Now let's get your WordPress photo theme cooking...

12 : Pick A WordPress Photo Theme

The free photography blog themes available...

If you type in 'photography' (top right, highlighted in red), you'll see an abundance of free WordPress photo themes available.

You can also see those photo themes here on WordPress.

Click on the one that you love the most.

Or skip and do it later if you are not yet decided.

BTW Check these paid themes out if you are interested in beautifully designed WordPress photo themes. :)

Paid themes can SAVE a lot of time. (You'll look professional very quickly!)

Now we'll let WordPress work her magic... Oh wait, is WordPress a she or a he? Ahh whatever, whatever you want, let it be. :D

13 : WordPress Autoinstall

WordPress will auto install for you...

More cogs whirring behind the interwebs. Can you hear them?

So are we there yet?

14 : Start Building Your Photo Website!

Start building your WordPress photo website!

Please take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Whew.

If you've followed our guide then you should be good to go and ready to start building!

Let's quickly peek inside the great WordPress cPanel (Control Panel)...

15 : The WordPress Control Panel

Take a moment to enjoy the WordPress control panel...

Just keep in mind that you can log in to your photo website from that blue button that says Log In To WordPress.

If you were to click that little button then you should see the page below...

Finally... :)

16 : Your WordPress Tools

Your WordPress interface looks like this...

What you're looking at is the headquarters of your WordPress website.

In other words, the place where the 'amazing' happens.

That means you've done everything correctly and achieved your purpose.

So well done!

In addition, you should have a free domain, a good hosting plan, and be ready to add content to your photography blog...

And here's those beautiful WordPress themes again, just in case.

Stay hungry... :)


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