I Photographed a Barber Shop – And it Did Pretty Well

On my recent adventure to Sth East Asia, (Thailand and Malaysia), I went crazy with the iPhone 6 and snapped to my heart’s content. Didn’t even take the Sony Nex out of the bag. Gute Fahrt!

Snapped some great pics. Put most of them up on my Instagram feed.

I’ve also been experimenting with Twenty20.com, using the Twenty20 APP to upload pics for their many challenges.

In Penang, I poked my head (OK iPhone) sneakily through the window of a barber shop and observed this fascinating little scene…

my entry for barber shop challenge on twenty20The image I entered into The Salon or Barber Shop challenge – see it here

Later, lo and behold, a challenge called In The Salon or Barber Shop came up & I thought that particular image would be perfect to enter.

Out of a few hundred entries the pic I snapped got like top 20. You never quite know how your images will go until you actually get them out there and SEEN by people.

I’d wake up, wind up the iPhone all these votes would pop up for an image I took.

Who YOU are is irrelevant when it comes to a photographic image. People vote by what they SEE.

So you need to keep putting your images out there into the marketplace.

Whether that is Instagram or Twenty20 or Stockimo or whoever.

voting for barber shop challenge on twenty20The votes sort of look like this. And there’s hundreds of them…

You can see all the In The Salon or Barber Shop entries here.

Mine was definitely the best. ☺ Only kidding – they’re all good.

The winning snap was decided purely by a small group of people who LIKED that particular image. It could have been YOUR image too.

The point is when you turn up to participate and enter you win.

I look for the Twenty20 challenges that FIT the images I take. Sometimes I might reverse that and shoot just for a particular theme or challenge.

Winning some gold coin for doing so is not really the motivation.

It’s the people slapping you on the back (Voting for and Liking your work) who are really saying WOW Keep up the great WORK!

winning entry for barber shop challenge on twenty20Here’s the editor’s pick to The Salon or Barber Shop challenge.

Once you get a taste of that how could you not?

PS. Who is buying your photos? Here is a good read about selling your iPhone pics on Twenty20 and beyond.

PPS. Have you cast your eyes over the Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless 42.4MP yet? It is a thing of beauty.