This WordPress Photo Mosaic Theme Turns Your Photos Into a Book

This WordPress Photo Mosaic Theme Turns Your Photos Into a Book

Well, a PDF to be exact.

wordpress photo mosaic theme & dangerously beautiful in Thailand

And a PDF is a form of a digital book, right?

I love the idea of selling your photo work – prints, photos and other goodies directly from WordPress (ie; your site).

There’s no middlemen muddling things, you keep 100% of sales. License your work commercially.

This is one way to do it. The other way is to let someone like Smugmug offer print size options, gift wrap your images and flog your best photo products. Both ways are groovy.

This new WordPress theme by Graph Paper Press is called Lookbook and it’s kind of a cool idea.

What you can do with this theme is let your visitors curate samples of your work through your website.

So, for example, if they like a few of your pics, they can select those particular images to be bundled into a protected PDF file and emailed straight to them.

This way your visitors get to “look later” at your work, offline or wherever they happen to be.

Or they can show (off) the PDF (which contains your amazing work) to potential clients, friends, etc.

Above photo – Dangerously Beautiful Structures in Thailand 2014 by Martin Hurley

GraphPaperPress says this “helps your visitors intimately engage with your artwork while allowing you to generate a mailing list of potential fans and clients.”

Lookbook is designed to help you effortlessly showcase the breadth of your talent. It is a responsive WordPress portfolio theme that displays an unlimited number of images in a clean vertical mosaic. The theme is neatly integrated with Sell Media, our free e-commerce plugin for visual artists, to ensure your visitors can purchase prints and digital downloads from you with ease.

No Hassle

Like most new groovy WordPress photo themes, Lookbook adapts to, and is optimised for all the good stuff everyone is using – iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

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wordpress photo mosaic theme

Would you use this photo theme?

I like the idea – which reminds me – what if there was a WordPress plugin that allowed you to do the same thing (curate samples of your work through your website and email them to someone) already? Hey there probably is.

But anyways…

Lookbook has e-commerce integration too. Which kind of means it lets people purchase prints and digital downloads, allows you to create a shop or create galleries for your clients to browse through prior to downloading or purchasing your work.

How would you use Lookbook?

What’s your vision?


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