Photo Book Making Workshop (Download How To Guide PDF)

Photo Book Making Workshop (Download How To Guide PDF)

Decided to do some hands-on, real-world, go talk with people and help them create their own photo book workshops… And it worked out pretty funky.

The workshops were around 1 hour in length but often went longer as people stayed around asking questions.

Or maybe it was me pestering them with questions?

Either way I get totally into the moment where I’m this enthusiastic monkey instructor jumping around answering questions and telling the odd crazy travel story.

Fortunately I had created a little Keynote slideshow. Played this onto the wall / screen so most everyone could see.

Try to get participation happening as much as possible…

Occasionally I need to stop making sense.

They haven’t thrown me out of the library building yet so that’s a good start.

There’s a part of me wondering if there’s a business idea in this. ☺

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Click here to download the PDF Keynote (25MB)


Here’s some of the slides I use in the keynote:

photo book making workshop - martin hurleyLost in Japan? Wouldn’t admit it but probably. Like to keep these Keynotes fun.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyBendigo Library pushing my Photo Book Workshop. Hey look, sold out.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyAn example of grabbing a good deal on your photo book. Grab it while you can.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyWorking on the cover layout for my Japan Photo Book, thanks to Canva!


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyHow to do up-resing, or up-size your iPhone or Android images so they have a suitable resolution for publishing your book.


photo book making workshop - martin hurleyOne of my finished photo books. This one was printed by PhotoBox and turned out OK!

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Energy is much better spent thinking positively and imagining good outcomes. Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions. So start using it to create what you want instead of what you don’t want. – Bob Proctor

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Did you come to the photo book making workshop or download the how to (do it) guide? If so, please leave a comment below. A thousand thankyous!

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