How to Create a T Shirt Store Using Shopify

By martoons | November 4, 2015

Cool video about how to create a t shirt store to sell your own custom designed t-shirts using Shopify (and without having to invest in inventory!)

Giving Away All my Websites

By martoons | August 26, 2015

Decided to give away my photo websites and domains. Leave a comment to take yours home. Be quick – only a handful to give away…

I Photographed a Barber Shop – And it Did Pretty Well

By martoons | August 15, 2015

I photographed a barber shop in Malaysia & entered it into a ‘Barber Shop’ challenge. Out of a few hundred entries my iPhone pic got top 20. Read what happened and how I did it here…

8 of My Fav Thailand iPhone Photos Snaffled from Instagram

By martoons | April 30, 2015

8 of my favourite Thailand iPhone photos snaffled from Instagram – take a sneak peek into Thailand as you’ve never seen it before though the eyes of an imaginative (and weird) iPhone photographer!

Interview: Nicolesy on life adventuring and Shopify for photographers

By martoons | March 23, 2015

Interview with Nicole Young (aka Nicolesy) on life adventures, photographing in Asia, Shopify for photographers and other amazing nuggets of wisdom!

Interview: Gary Arndt on World Travel Photography, Smugmug for Photogs & Sage Life Advice

By martoons | February 21, 2015

Interview with Gary Arndt on world travel photography, using Smugmug for photographers and sage life advice for new photographers (mp3 & pdf download)…

I Want to Photograph Around The World – 7 Travel Photogs Tell How

By martoons | December 12, 2014

Want to photograph around the world? 7 travel photographers and adventurers reveal how they travel, explore, photograph and fund their adventures…

How to Have Your Own Photo Site for Under $100

By martoons | November 27, 2014

How to have your own photo site for under $100 – using FlickR, Blogspot, Tumblr and others? Stop that and decide to own your own domain & photo HQ!

Random Brisbane City Photographs

By martoons | November 20, 2014

Brisbane city photographs – cranked up the beautiful Hipstamatic filter on my iPhone and spent a day in Brisbane city photographing. Things got surreal…

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is a Great Book

By martoons | November 15, 2014

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is a great book. Share your creativity and get discovered – this book brings out the real artist within us all. Read what I think about this book here…